Oct 10, 2013

Be Inspired: @curlBOX Founder & CEO Myleik

Lately I've been completely enthralled in all things Myleik Teele! Y'all... this woman is simply amazing and not simply because she birthed curlBOX... but her drive, determination, and results are beyond dope. Not to mention she keeps an instagram account that oozes swagu! Okay... I promise to never use that word again lol... but seriously, Myleik is the latest friend in my head. Actually, more than a friend in my head, she's my new mentor/role model! I love everything she's putting out.

If you want to be inspired take a look at Volume 1 of the curlBOX Documentary. For more videos be sure to follow the curlBOX YouTube channel and follow Myleik's instagram account for tons of inspiration pics.


Lontier V. Hicks said...

thanks for sharing. this has me all in my feelings, but it's incredible to see how her idea transformed into such a huge success. inspiring indeed.

Catherine said...

I just got goosebumps watching this. Such a great story!

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