Oct 9, 2013

Gold Herringbone iPhone Case

When I saw this gold and cream herringbone iPhone case at Best Buy this summer, my inner Egyptian priestess cried out with joy! My life force desires gold, gold, and more gold! I could seriously dip my essence in a pool of gold goodness and live out the rest of my days in bliss.

Anyways, fast forward to last night and imagine my glee when I saw one of my favorite HGTV designers, Emily Henderson, rocking the very same iPhone case! Yes, it's just a cell phone case, but she is one of my favorite designers so the fact that we share similar taste in cell phone accessories... well, I'm pretty excited! I'm officially a stylish cell phone user lol.

Everyone loves a deal, so I'm happy to report the case is now on sale at BestBuy.com for $19.99 instead of the regular price of $34.99. Mind you, I paid full price lol... but it was well worth it. The case snaps on and is very secure and has survived candy spills and a few drops. No cracks and more importantly my phone is safe and sound!

Click here to buy this amazeballs case.

On another note, I've had to replace my iPhone 4S twice in 3 months. The first time was due to the earpiece speaker breaking and the 2nd time the front facing voice speaker glitched out.

I must admit I wanted to throw my phone into something hard so it could shatter into a million emo pieces, but yeah... that didn't happen. I'm toying around with the idea of upgrading to an Android, but we shall see. Anyone out there jump ship from iPhone to Android and never look back?

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