Oct 16, 2013

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

I've previously blogged about my love of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil line, and once again I wanted to share with everyone how absolutely amazing this product is.

Besides loving a matte lip, I like to feel confident that my lip color will not smudge, bleed, or fade out during the day. Many products claim hours and hours of wear, yet fall completely short. Even lip balms will wear away and need constant reapplication. I wanted to show everyone what my "cruella" looked like after a typical day for me.

I didn't use a filter and took the picture in natural light. At 8am it was super concentrated and rich, as should be expected since I  had just applied it. By 1pm my lip color had survived a mug of coffee, bottle of water, oatmeal and sandwich for lunch. Still looking pretty good and hanging in there. By 6pm, I had more bottled water, greek yogurt, dried fruit and candy lol. You can see the color is still bold, but a little shinier and just starting to fade a bit in the middle of my pout (top of my bottom lip to be precise).

Throughout the day there was never a need to apply. However, if I had afterwork plans I would have touched it up then been out of the door! This is an amazing product and one that I highly suggest people try out. If you aren't located near a NARS counter, you can always venture to the closest Sephora and try on the shades in the store. The pencils retail for $25 and are worth every cent! This is a pencil and lip color in one. All you need to do it prep your lips for bold color by exfoliating them prior to use (matte colors are NOT forgiving on dry, crusty lips lol).

This is a video I filmed last year showing how the product lasted for a 12 hr day. Just realized it used to be $24, but is now $25 so ignore that price I quote in the video. You all know NARS is trying to get their coins lol.

** Sidebar: I never realize how much my hair has grown until I look back and realize how short it was lol **

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