Oct 11, 2013

Are you living a life worth remembering?

A few weeks ago I watched an HBO Documentary chronicling poet Edwin Honig's journey with Alzheimer's disease: First Cousin Once Removed.

Man... this documentary was heavy, as one could probably assume a story revolving around Alzheimer's disease would be... but more than that it brought into question how beautiful life truly is and the urgency with which we should be living it to the fullest.

Right now I'm admittedly in a weird place in life. I feel like I've been chasing this mystical stairway to supreme happiness. I run the gamut of feeling empowered and like I'm on the road to a happy, fulfilling life (the only one I feel is truly worth living)... while other times I feel lost and like life is kicking my ass -- taking my childlike optimism and shitting on it. Have I ever mentioned that I'm extremely emo and dramatic? Lol... welcome to my world.

So, while watching this documentary a question popped into my head: If you were faced with losing your memories would you have lived a life worth actually remembering?

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