Apr 25, 2013

Who are Beyonce's Dancers?

I woke up at 4am this morning unable to sleep and decided that I wanted to know who Beyonce's dancers were. Yeah. Welcome to the world of randomness that is my mind. My boyfriend says that I suffer from "shiny ball syndrome" and I'd have to agree... but I'd probably be thinking about something else before I could lol.

Back to my story - - I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that going back to bed wasn't about to happen, so I pulled out my trusty iPhone and decided to google Beyonce's dancers. Everyone knows the one with the curly hair that's been with Beyonce forever (Ashley Everett) but who were the others? What was their life about? It was 4am and I just had to know lol...

Turns out Dance Spirit magazine just recently featured them this month!

The ladies range in age from 24-29 and have a wide variety of dance backgrounds - - one even having worked at McDonalds. Talk about an upgrade! From working the fries to strutting the stage with the Queen Bey! Yes, please. I love that Beyonce employs such a talented, diverse group of ladies. Check out a little bit about them below and click here for the full story here.

(L to R) Ashley Everett, Hajiba Fahmy, Sarah Burns and Hannah Douglass (photos by Erin Baiano)

Ashley Everett (Dance Captain)
24; Chico, CA
First Beyoncé job: The Beyoncé Experience tour, 2007
On being one of the original “Single Ladies”:
“I get recognized, and it’s so weird when I do. I’m like, ‘Really? You were paying attention to me?’ ”

Hajiba Fahmy
24; Paris, France
First Beyoncé job: A commercial filmed earlier this year
On the best part of working with Beyoncé: “She does everything well. Dancing, singing…she’s like nobody else. You have to be a woman before you’re a dancer in order to work with her. You have to know your essence.”

Sarah Burns
26; Perth, Australia
First Beyoncé job: “Revel Presents: Beyoncé Live,” 2012
On how she scored it: “I was living in L.A., went to an open audition and got the call from my agent that I had booked the job. Everything I’ve done with Beyoncé since then has been a direct booking.”

Hannah Douglass
25; Austin, TX
First Beyoncé job: “Revel Presents: Beyoncé Live,” 2012
On rehearsals: “You have to be ready for anything at any time. There are so many elements—the band, the dancers, the stage—and you don’t always have every piece of the puzzle at once. Your job is to be on your game and master your field.”

(L to R) Amandy Fernandez, Tanesha “KSYN” Cason, Kim Gingras and Kimmie Gipson (photos by Erin Baiano)

Amandy Fernandez
29; NYC
First Beyoncé job: “Run the World (Girls)” music video, 2011
On getting to know Beyoncé: “I helped workshop for the ‘Revel’ show [Beyoncé’s first performance  after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy] with Beyoncé and two other dancers. It was just the four of us, so I got to do a lot of dancing with her. She’s a sweetheart. She’s down-to-earth and really nice.”

Tanesha “KSYN” Cason
29; Bronx, NY
First Beyoncé job: The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards
On her favorite Beyoncé routine: “ ‘Diva.’ It’s the perfect blend of hood and sexy choreography with a bit of acting.”

Kim Gingras
27; Montreal, Canada
First Beyoncé job: The 2013 Super Bowl halftime show
How she got the job: “When I saw Beyoncé’s ad about the Super Bowl show, I said, ‘This is it.’ I’m a strong believer in positive thinking and visualization. I listened to her songs over and over and pictured myself with her onstage.”

Kimmie Gipson
29; Plainfield, NJ
First Beyoncé job: I Am…World Tour, 2009
On taking the stage each night: “I anticipate the moment when the lights go out and everybody starts to yell. It sends chills all through my body and my nerves turn to excitement. We all hear it onstage, we all feel it, and then we’re like, ‘Let’s do it.’ It’s so powerful.”

See them in action!!!

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