Apr 5, 2013

Charlie leaves @girlsHBO. Hearts Break.

It's official. Charlie, the only legit male eye candy on HBO's 'GIRLS' has jumped ship, and we can all thank Hannah for his departure. I actually should use their real names, but I'm so wrapped up in GIRLS it feels like I know these people in real life lol...

So yeah, Hannah and Charlie started bumping heads and Charlie decided to leave the show. This is coming on the heels of him and Marnie finally working things out, so I'm sitting over here all crickets and screw faced wondering what's going to happen with her story line.

Is anyone else a little bit sad that his luscious locks won't be viewable next season? I mean, I was actually considering joining Marnie and having his brown babies lol... though they would've been a bit browner than what she could produce. Oh, Charlie... please don't leave me (I mean, US) like this. Can we try to work it out? I'm shedding electronic tears.


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