Apr 25, 2013

Does Kendrick Perkins ever Smile?

I've had not so much a crush on, but an undeniable intrigue with Kendrick Perkins for quite a few years now. The 6'10" 270 lbs OKC Thunder player typically can be spotted on the court with a serious scowl that gives even Grumpy Cat a run for his money... but I've never really knew anything about him.

I figured that my "shitting sunshine and glitter" personality was drawn to the misery that is always on his face... like, there must be some way for me to spread some sunshine into his life. The force needs to be with him.

I was curious about what his voice actually sounded like because personality is SUCH a major factor in whether or not my crush prevails or dries up... well, after doing a little digging and finding this YouTube feature from 2010 it's safe to say the well has run dry.

I'm still intrigued by his look, but his voice makes me scrunch my face and cock my head to the side... similar to a dog trying to understand how someone that can barely formulate sentences can be paid millions of dollars... it really makes zero sense to me. Not to mention the location of his upper lip is highly debatable... but I digress. Take a look and see for yourself. What are your thoughts on him?

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