Apr 11, 2013

'The Tequila Tales' Event Recap

The Tequila Tales ChicagoLast night proved to be an amazeballs time as I ventured out to Red Kiva for another round of The Tequila Tales. The monthly relationship-based chat is hosted by Chrishon (formerly of Three Peas, everyone's favorite South Loop art gallery - - currently writing the blog Love Cork Screw ) and moderated by Isaac Paul and Dr. Candice.

As expected, the crowd took a little bit of warming up to let their guard down, but by the 2nd and 3rd drink, people were getting vocal and the groove had been set. I live tweeted the event using the hashtag of the night #TheTequilaTales and there were a few priceless quotes. Check them out here. So, what were my biggest take aways from the night?

1) A lot of people are in denial about being in the "friend zone" - - (i.e. you want them, but they don't want you.) It's important to remember that platonic male/female relationships are healthy, normal, and quite possible to have. A great point was made that if you're rich in friendships and have that balance, the loneliness and desire to be with anyone to quench that thirst (aka desperation) can usually be resolved.

The Tequila Tales Chicago
With Isaac Paul and Chrishon
2) Many women put a price tag on their life force. Let's just keep it all the way real -- many women put a price tag on their life force. All of a sudden they need to eat at X restaurant, Y amount of times, for Z dollars. Give me a break. This mentality takes the focus off the quality of person you're actually spending time with and instead focuses on trivial things. If you want to go to a nice dinner so badly there's no shame in taking yourself.. but try and be open to the idea that successful dates can come in many shapes, sizes, and locales! You may grab burgers and beer in a dive bar and have a ball.

3) S-Banging - Meant to be said as one word, SBanging was the funny hybrid (Smashing + Banging) one chick blurted out in a rush. It was pretty funny and might become a new saying I'll use. I'd love to give her credit... thanks random girl! Overall, I had a ball... and I'm not just saying that because I downed 2 of my signature Hennessy cocktails lol... The conversation was lively and it was nice to be out doing something different.

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