Apr 25, 2012

Sarah's Tiny Luxe Oasis: Small/Cool 2012 Entry

Another super cute entry in the Small/Cool 2012 contest, Sarah's 428 sq foot Virginia studio is giving me some serious inspiration. I love her use of furniture, light, and decor colors. It's a clean, cohesive look, but very warm and welcoming. I'm also a huge fan of the corner post bed! I never thought about having such a statement bed in a studio, but it looks great. It speaks to my inner "princess" that would sleep in a bed just like this today lol. Actually, the longer I stare at her bed the more I want it and the entire apartment as a whole. It's definitely my style. Obviously space is a challenge when decorating a studio, and I think it's hard to balance personal sleep space vs social entertaining space... but looking at this bed is making me think about shifting priorities and creating more of a relaxing, oasis retreat instead of downplaying the bed so I can fit a love seat/seating area. Hmmm... questions, questions, questions! Sidebar: Check out the adorable display of cookware above the sink! I'm loving it.

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Arlington, VA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home
I love that my apartment has large windows and tons of natural light. While it is a small space, I think I've positioned the furniture to function as separate zones while allowing it to still feel open. Trying out different furniture arrangements has been fun and the space has really inspired me to be creative -- the fact that it's a small space makes it easy to change things around whenever I get bored!
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
Lack of storage and creating the feeling of different living areas have been my biggest challenges. I wanted my "bedroom" area to feel cozy but I didn't want to position the bed against the wall. I ended up hanging curtains to provide a sense of structure and visually anchor the bed. In order to maximize storage, I used vertical shelving wherever I could, and I keep my favorite possessions on display.

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