Apr 24, 2012

Nike Free Run 3

Nike Free Run 3 - Color: Hot Punch/Reflect Silver - $100
I want to shout from the heavens because last week I discovered the most bad ass, amazeballs pair of gym shoes - - the Nike Free Run 3!!! Now, I'm a stiletto/boot girl and the mere thought of spending more than $40 on a pair of sneakers makes me scrunch up my face, but one look at this vibrant color and I was sold. I know a few people that swear by Nike Free Runs and I'm definitely on the band wagon. I've worked out in these shoes for a week and they're awesome. Comfort + Design... what more could you ask for.

Since I have flat feet a constant worry for me is the amount of arch support I'll find in a shoe and I was pleasantly surprised that these are very supportive. Plus, I'm all about the bright, borderline obnoxious color! Aren't they just fab. They have made me more excited about my workouts because I look down at my feet and I'm walking on clouds of happiness.

I bought my pair at Nordstrom (along with the Nike+ chip to keep track of my workouts - - another awesome purchase), but the fun colors have been flying off the shelf. I suggest ordering them online. They fit true to size.
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