Apr 21, 2012

Bennett & Ryan's Room for Two: Small/Cool 2012 Entry

Many people cannot fathom living solo in a 400 sq ft space, but Bennett and Ryan have managed to make room for two in their 390 sq ft apartment. The biggest shocker - - this humble home boasts 2 bedrooms!! Yes, 390 sq ft and literally room for 2. I recently viewed their Small/Cool 2012 entry and was instantly drawn to what gives hints of Parisian design. I've always longed to go to Paris (Anyone want to sponsor that trip? lol...) and their design is a much more affordable way to feel like you're living the Paris dream sans the hefty price tag. Then again, this is a NYC apartment so it could be relatively close to European prices. Nevertheless I love what they've done to their space and think it warrants a vote! To throw some love their way click here.

Taking note of the wall-mounted lights! Great way to save space.

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