Apr 17, 2012

Marina's Brooklyn Dream: Small/Cool 2012 Entry

I've often wondered how to effectively make a studio space work that has a kitchen along the entire wall. This is something I've started seeing a lot during my apartment search, especially with downtown Chicago condos. Marina managed to do a fantastic job working around the long kitchen and defining her sleeping/living space. My favorite part of her 490 sq ft Brooklyn abode is the way she used string curtains to separate her bed, not to mention the awesome chandelier used over her kitchen table. Super cute. This is yet another studio space I could transplant myself into and instantly call home. If you'd like to vote for Marina's space click here.

Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home
I love my big windows!! It definitely makes the apartment feel much bigger than it is. Not to mention, I get to overlook Governor's Island and the downtown Manhattan skyline -- not too shabby! I love to have friends over so I made sure to create a space for entertaining. Overall, I love how I feel when I walk home -- it's warm and inviting (great for a homebody like me!)
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
The biggest challenge was creating a living, eating, working and sleeping area all in one room while trying to make everything feel separate. Thinking vertically always helps in a small space. I installed two shelving systems for entertainment as well as my office space. The position of the furniture is key to creating separation of spaces. I also installed a string curtain to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment. I love the string curtain over a solid curtain because it creates a divide without breaking up the space. It allows flow throughout the space, making it feel larger.

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