Sep 6, 2013

Doors Shouldn't Close By Themselves...

As an adult when I think of fear, I think of the type that can paralyze you, stop you in your tracks and wreak havoc on your life. There is also the type of fear unrelated to life changes, but the spooky kind... you know, lights turning off and on, footsteps when nobody is there, shadows, whispers... oh, and doors closing by themselves.

Day 4 of Blogtember asked us to describe a time when we were very afraid.

I can remember being in Jr. High and having a sleepover at a friend's house. Keep in mind this friend was notorious for having the haunted house... and no, it wasn't pretend haunted, it was legit haunted lol. The type of house you don't even want to go over because of all the stories you've heard.

So, said friend was having a sleepover and it was basically a bunch of us bubbly pre-teens. I remember being in the bedroom changing my clothes when the door, which had been wide open, suddenly started to close... by itself. No windows were open. No fans were on. There was not a single iota of wind/air to encourage the door to close. So, there I was with my pants around my ankles and watching in disbelief as the bedroom door slowly closed on me. I remember my heart feeling as if it'd beat outside my chest... I lunged for the door and grabbed the handle just as the door was itself.


I high tailed it down the stairs screaming and beyond freaked out. It's one thing to hear all the stories, but to experience it yourself? Hell no. That's for the birds. I never went back to her house.

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