Sep 14, 2013

Bitching Doesn't Burn Calories

Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I'm emotional.

I'm sure the people that know me best are probably smirking right now ... Like, You... emotional? No shit lol... But when forced to think of a distinct moment when my life took a turn, my initial response is ... well, shit... tell me a moment when life hasn't thrown me a curve ball.

As I've gotten older I've not so much learned, but started to accept that the only constant in life is change. When it rains, it pours and due to my emotional nature I tend to make things seem a million times worse than they actually are... oh, to be a dramatic, emotional cancer! A positive spin? I think I'm full of passion and can inject that into whatever I'm experiencing... good, bad, amazeballs... I just like feeling and tend to feel whatever it is quite strongly.

My boyfriend actually asked me the other day if I was bi-polar? Like, naw... I'm just vocal about almost everything that crosses my mind... which admittedly is probably quite annoying. So, yeah... I'm unable to pin point one specific moment that was more impacting than the next. Each time I'm faced with change it can feel monumental and very challenging... hindsight is 20/20 and I'm striving to face change with the optimism that "in 6 months I will look back on this and have learned ______" ... so I try to look at a situation in that way and see what I can gain from it in the moment... during the storm... and not only in hindsight once the rainbows are back out and unicorns are running around.

Life will always throw shit your way. My glass is half full and I'm on the grind to get that other 50%.... what about you?

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