Sep 25, 2013

Movie Review: Baggage Claim

When I accepted an invite to pre-screen Baggage Claim, admittedly I wasn't expecting much. I had seen the previews and written it off as one of those "black movies" that crams in a bunch of talent, has a shoddy story line and sub par acting. So, last night I blew the dust off my social life and attended the pre-screening with some of the ladies in the Seattle meetup group I joined.

In short, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the plot was predictable... very typical of most romantic comedies. However, the acting was pretty good and Jill Scott definitely stole the show. Both her and Jennifer Lewis were funny and great co-stars. Being honest, the only acting that was blatantly "off" was that of Paula Patton.

I don't know if I'm alone in this... but Hollywood is really trying hard to cram Paula Patton down our throats as the "silly, hopelessly in love, black romantic comedy" chick. I'm sorry. I can't drink the tea. She's not a good actress. She comes off as very airhead/ditzy in most of her roles... and I can't tell if she's acting or if that's just her. #KanyeShrug

Some of the ladies from the Seattle meetup group
Anyways, the movie was decent. I'd recommend seeing it with your girlfriends this weekend. This isn't something you'll get dolled up to see at night. Save your night and either see it as a matinee or before 6p, so you can grab drinks/dinner/etc afterwards. It's only about 100 mins run time... give or take, so you'll still have most of your night to yourself.

Sidebar: Why wasn't Adam Brody included in the movie poster? Him and Jill Scott were the main co-stars for Paula Patton's character. This just felt strange to me... plus Tia Mowry and Lala had such small roles, they could've been left out.

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