Jul 31, 2013

Using @Flor Carpet Squares to Warm up our Loft

The idea of living in an industrial loft space with concrete floors seems cool, in theory... but once you actually get into the space you quickly realize how cold and impractical concrete floors can be for everyday life.

In an attempt to warm up our loft and ground the space, we decided to invest in Flor Carpet Squares. I can't remember the exact name of the pattern we chose (I think it was Full Bloom in Pearl - $18/square), but it was a great option!

We went into the showroom located in downtown Seattle, and were helped by the lovely store manager, Shelly. She went over all of the options with us and gave us samples to play around with at home. After taking a few weeks to decide, we made our final choices, ordered the squares, and they were delivered to our place within 5-7 business days! Once the squares were delivered, we were able to place the mats and adhere everything together within an hour.

We ordered 20 squares in total, but instead of doing a 4x5 pattern, we opted for a 3x6 pattern, which worked better for the space. Do your measurements at home for the square footage of space you'll be needing, but know that the store has its own conversion because 4 ft doesn't = 4 squares.

Anyways, consider me a happy customer! We'll be ordering some more for our upstairs to add some color to the space. I actually wish I would've bought some Flor Carpet Squares for my studio apartment in Chicago... that would've been so dope... Ahh, should've would've could've lol...

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