Jul 5, 2013

'The Butler' Movie Trailer

"The Butler" (the latest movie from Director Lee Daniels) is slated to be released in theaters August 16th, and I'm so exited! This is the first non-action movie I've been looking forward to seeing in quite some time and the cast looks stellar.

Something about watching the trailer makes my eyes well up with tears. I don't know if it's seeing his history of working on a cotton field which my family did in Mississippi, or the gentle reminder of how much we have been through as African-Americans in the US. I mean, we just are never really taught our history and we so often don't take the initiative to learn it ourselves. I sometimes struggle with enjoying the mind-numbing topics on social media like celebrity gossip, twerk videos, etc... but then remembering how easily we can be set back as a people. *le sigh* I could seriously go on and on about my views on this...

Anyways, check out the trailer and let me know how you feel? Will you be seeing "The Butler" when it comes out next month?

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