Jul 18, 2013

Thick Neck Thursday: George Hill (via @YaBoiG_Hill)

I haven't featured a Thick Neck Thursday in months, mainly due to feeling uninspired after allowing my crush on The Rock to run its course. Nevertheless, I was virtually wandering around Instagram today and stumbled across this guy: George Hill.




I have no clue what this dude does aside from being great on social media. From what my short attention span could ascertain, he lives in Chicago, has a cute girlfriend, a nice lining, and muscles for days! Seeing as how this is Thick Neck Thursday, who better than George Hill to breathe some fresh, 'regular guy' Thick Neck air back into our Thursdays.

There are so many social media "stars" nowadays, it's hard to know if someone is actually doing something, or just posting tons of pics with minimal clothes... but he has over 13k Instagram followers, so I'm assuming people know who he is. I might just be late on this one lol...

I feel like the celebrity Thick Neck pool has dried up a bit, so I'll be scouring social media for regular guys.

Please feel free to email me any submissions to: sixtwentysevenblog@hotmail.com. Put "Thick Neck" in the subject line.

Connect with George on Twitter or Instagram!

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