Jul 7, 2013

Mary Hair Braiding in Houston, Texas is a FAKE

It was just brought to my attention that Mariama Diop, owner of Mary Hair Braiding and this other Facebook Page in Houston, Texas is using my image on their Facebook page and passing it off as work they did (reference above image).

I know that a lot of hair braiders use generic images online to give examples of hair styles, but using my image without permission AND passing it off as work that you did? That's beyond wrong... This chick is on her Facebook page telling people which type of hair she used for my twists... *crickets*

For the record, Nana based out of Chicago, IL is the person responsible for my twists. I've blogged about it and filmed YouTube videos showing her work. Nana even asked permission to use my image on her business cards, which I was more than happy to oblige because she's a sweetheart and it was ACTUAL WORK SHE DID!

I am in NO WAY affiliated with Mary Hair Braiding in Houston, Texas and have already taken the steps to file an intellectual property violation with Facebook.

To the lovely lady that sent me the Facebook message this morning letting me know about this, thank you so much! If anyone else sees my images floating around online with folks blatantly lying about the work, etc... please let me know! I'm going to start putting that annoying watermark on my images moving forward.

In the comments you can see her saying she will start adding a watermark to protect her pictures... fucking FAKE!!! 

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