May 16, 2012

@NoirCPA: Inspiring and Supporting Black Accounting Professionals

The eBaby of blogger and CPA Lontier Hicks, Noir CPA launched last month with hopes to not only inspire and support black accounting professionals across the country, but serve as a resource to educate and increase accounting as a profession of choice in the black community. Recently I was able to chat with Hicks (who just so happens to be one of my best friends) and find out the wonderful things she has in store for the site.

Q. Where did the idea for Noir CPA start? 
I was thinking how my previous blog 3 Letters, 1 Day at a Time about my CPA exam journey fell to the wayside. I had the itch to blog again but didn't want to pick up where I left off. I then saw a video called the Vanishing Black CPA which discussed the very low representation of blacks in the accounting industry. I'm aware of many initiatives out there that address this issue but for whatever reason on that day I was driven to provide my own contribution to the cause. I figured I could use my knowledge and experiences to help others with faces like mine. I'm not aware of any personal blogs that cater to that audience so I felt it was my calling.
Q. Who is Noir CPA for and is there any cost to join?
Noir CPA is for black accounting majors, professionals and those sitting for the CPA exam. There is no cost to join - - it's free.99!
 Q. How do you plan on infusing your unique persona into what can seem like a stuffy world of numbers? 
By maintaining my authentic voice no matter what. Yes, I'm a CPA but that hasn't prevented me from being the silly, ball of energy that I've always been. I don't even think it's possible because of my DNA to be stuffy and my posts will reflect that. I also showcase blogs/websites that reflect my interests in the 'Study Break' and 'Outside Your 9-5' areas. There's so much more to accounting than crunching numbers and I hope to demonstrate that along the way.
Q. What does the site feature?
The site features a forum called Noir Cafe where visitors can discuss topics pertaining to school, careers, and the CPA exam I feature job listings from simply hired which then take you to my own personal job board where visitors can perform customized job and internship searches. Employers can also post their own jobs. Through 6/19/12 companies can use the discount code SPRING to receive 30% off each job listing. Regular price is $49 for 60 days. The inspiration corner has inspirational quotes which will change regularly. And of course there will be regular blog posts geared towards my audience's interest and needs.

 Q. Any upcoming events or networking opportunities?
Right now I'm focused on providing meaningful content for my readers and building a solid community that we all can benefit from. In the future, however, i would love to organize networking opportunities and workshops as well as perform some speaking engagements to high-schoolers at my alma mater and in black communities.

To learn more about Noir CPA visit the site and follow them on twitter!
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