May 27, 2012

Corporate X Album release party

When my girlfriend told me we'd be stopping by an album release party last night I had no clue what to expect. As long as it wasn't for a rapper I was pretty much game lol, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear the melodic sounds of Corporate X. Comprised of guitarist Casper Xavier and singer Christine DeLeon, listeners were treated to songs from their new album, The X Project, in addition to a few cover songs.

Casper Xavier and Christine DeLeon

I know artists hate being compared to other artists, but for the sake of painting a picture for readers they had a very "Florence and the Machine" sound. Live music is always a great thing, so I urge everyone to get out there this summer and bless their ears and eyes to a live performance.

The X Project is available for download on iTunes for $5.94 - - a steal!

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