May 21, 2012

Single Ladies: Season 2 Trailer

Last week I signed the petition to end "Basketball Wives" and I don't plan on watching anymore negative, female foolishness disguised as "reality tv". Out with the old and in with the new - - VH1 is back with the second season of "Single Ladies," an hour-long scripted drama I don't mind watching. I was sad at the departure of lead actress Stacey Dash, but just viewed the season 2 trailer and it looks like it'll be good. I'm all about supporting black actresses that are actually putting their skills to work.

Do you plan on watching?


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Yes I do! Thanks for posting this I'm more excited for the premiere now! Singles Ladies and Summer go together!

kcalana said...

Looks really good!!! I didn't watch the first season but I'm sure you can fill me in. And I too am only gonna support positive images of black women on tv moving forward. We gotta start somewhere. And if changing the channel is what it takes, so be it!

sharshar said...

I did watch the first episode and I loved every minute of it. I hate when something good is on and their time slot is over so soon. I know every lady like me will be tuning their DVR's to record this season. My Hopper is already set to record. Luckily it can record more then one show at once because my kids like their own shows. I spoke to a few co0workers at Dish about the show and Raquel, some said they liked her well others didn't. I can't wait for the second episode.

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