May 29, 2012

Comfort Revolution by @BALIintimates

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of winning the Bali Intimates contest fellow Chicago blogger The Sassy Peach hosted. The only thing better than winning free stuff is having that free stuff be useful! The prize included 2 of Bali's new Comfort Revolution Wirefree bras featuring the smart sizes technology. I'm a 36DDD/DD (depends on my weight) and I was hesitant to receive a wireless bra. I was hopeful, but let's keep it real - - bra shopping is a huge pain and I typically strike out. 

When my package came in the mail I was super excited. Every time I receive things in the mail it feels like Christmas lol. Included in the package was a nice note from The Bali Team (it's really nice to receive handwritten notes) along with 2 bras in a Medium. Me, a medium? Lol.... I was definitely skeptical but after trying on the bra I felt reassured. After wearing it for a day I was sold. 

For me, this is not a daily bra that'd I wear to work. This isn't even a bra I'd wear to workout in. I was on the hunt for the perfect casual wear bra that provides a moderate level of support and could be worn around the house. Bali's Comfort Revolution Wirefree bra is exactly that. I have enough support with a matched level of comfort to have this be the ideal casual bra for me... and I have huge boobs and a difficult time finding bras so I feel like it should be a huge stamp of approval coming from me lol.

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