Feb 21, 2012

What's your number?

Numbers, numbers, numbers... they're so much fun when you're fantasizing about winning the lottery or how many pairs of shoes you'd like to own - - but when someone asks you the number of people you've slept with, it can stop you in your tracks.

I don't know if it's due to being caught off guard, embarrassment, or a mixture of both... but whenever I've been asked my number of sexual partners it makes me feel a certain way.

I'm not a liar by nature so my first inclination is to tell the truth, but depending on who I'm speaking with I can definitely hesitate and rethink answering this question altogether. If your number is higher than theirs it can make for an awkward situation. If your number is too low then a man will usually assume you're full of shit and multiply that by 3. As a woman that's a few years shy of 30 (and it sounds crazy as hell to actually see that being typed in front of my eyes lol), I realize that by the age of 30 most people have lived a lot of life, ran through some folks, had their fair share of relationships, one night "one and dones," and potentially racked up a nice list of names. Still, I try to reserve judgment because while sexual health and conversations are important, I don't think a person can be reduced to a single number of people they've been intimate with. On top of that, I just don't believe anyone truly wants to know the answer to this question when being asked.

So, when it comes to a new person in your life do you think it's better to be honest and throw your real number out there or keep that under wraps?


Bri said...

I don't understand why an adult interested in being with ME would want to know that question. My girls and I have this debate a lot and I just can't get with it. My number can still be counted between my two hands #nox3 but I still just cant "get with" that question....why do you care? I didn't ask you...so what is your deal asking me are you interested in ME or my past partners? Does that make me any less the person who you have come to like and want to be with? I mean how does a person even approach asking me this bullshyt.....

Sorry I am just very emotional about the questions, lol!

kcalana said...

I definitely have to feel a guy out before answering this question and answering it honestly. It's just a setup for him to have some shit to hold over your head. And quite frankly, they don't want the real truth...unless it's like 3 which means she's been living under a rock the past 10 years.

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