Feb 9, 2012

That's in the past...

Recently I was speaking with a friend who in short said he feared making mistakes in life. It caused me to wonder how someone could get through life without making any mistakes... I mean, weren't mistakes truly life experiences all leading us down a path of growing into the person we currently are today?

Overall the concept of one's past is an interesting thing. It can be riddled with a slew of mistakes, successes, shortcomings, bad decisions, regrets, highs, and lows... but as it pertains to a new relationship how much of the past is truly in the past.

The older I get the more I realize that being judgmental is for the birds and "mistakes" are made every day. I don't believe that poor choices define a person, nor are you the sum total of a few choices you've made. There is no time like the present and in reality you can spin anything to be bad or good - - it's all about your outlook My mom has told me many times that I missed my calling as a lawyer. My tarot lady (yes, I have one of those lol) told me that my tongues is like a double edged sword and very powerful. I'd have to agree with both of them... however, I think I choose to view life from an open-minded standpoint, well aware that "shit happens" and you have to keep it moving. I'm never short of an opinion, but I try to refrain from judging based on someone's past.

I value the person standing in front of me today. If you're exuding an energy that I love and presenting to me a person that is worthy of friendship, trust, love, and time why withhold mutual feelings based on your past? I mean, isn't your past responsible for shaping you into the person that I enjoy so much? In my eyes it is.

Now, don't get me wrong... I'm very well aware of the fact some pills are harder to swallow than others, but when you are in a new (or old) relationship how much of your past do you choose to share? And how much of someones past can be shared with you without forming judgments?

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