Feb 7, 2012

I'm on call... and I'm not a doctor

I'm on call this week for work... but there's a catch - - I'm not a fucking doctor!! Yes, that's right. Yours truly is on call for the wonderful world of advertising, so if some digital ads start glitching out? I'll be to the rescue. Who cares about kids being rushed into the ER. I'm on call for something WAY more important - - digital campaigns. <end rant> lol...

On another note I'm being forced to carry around this hideous ancient as fuck blackberry and all I can wonder if how I kept that contraption for 3.5 years!!! What the heezy? I'm SO happy I made the switch to an iPhone. My blackberry was like living in the dark ages. *sigh* So happy those days are over.

I feel the need to acknowledge the fact that I feel blessed and fortunate to have a job, but I do find being "on call" to be one of the most ridiculous aspects of my job. Hands down. Period.

So, to all of my gainfully employed blogging friends, what is the most obnoxiously, over the top aspect of your 9-5?
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