Feb 2, 2010

Living Every Day

My husband and I have been slightly lost in our own world of newlywed bliss, but we do try and make time for The Daily Book of Positive Quotations by Linda Picone - - Our way of taking at least a moment out of the day to reflect on something together .... (or realizing that a few days has gone by and we forgot to read it and we're left cramming lol... "procrastinaaaaatorrrrssss" )

Today's entry:

Living Every Day

"May you live all the days of your life" - Jonathan Swift

How often do we ask ourselves, as if waking from a dream, "Where has the time gone? What happened to yesterday? Last Week? Last Month? Last Year?"

Our lives are all that we have on earth, and yet how many days do we let slip by without living them as fully as we might?

Living every day doesn't have to mean trying to achieve something significant every moment that we're conscious. No one could sustain a life like that. It just means doing something each day that adds value to our lives and the lives of others.

Apply It: I will do something today that will make me feel that I have really lived it.

It's easy to leave a lot of things in the planning or developmental stage, but life is precious and every day so awesome... we need to really start living it before it's too late... we're too old... or you know, the rapture comes lol... but in all honesty, why not make today the day you check something off of your list of things you've always wanted to accomplish!!

On my list, I was sitting here thinking about how I hadn't written a blog in a while and I decided to just write one. Fairly simple, I know... but it's about DOING instead of just THINKING!!
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