Feb 17, 2010

Weather Woes

Living in Chicago I learned to accept that weather could be completely random... but the last thing I expected was a freaking snow storm in South Carolina! The South hadn't experienced any snow since 1997 and everything was shut down... including my flight out of there. I found myself stuck in the Columbia, SC airport and having to soldier up and call it a night. I must give props to anyone that is capable of sleeping in an airport as I wasn't. I just couldn't get comfortable. I was worried about my bags. I was worried about people walking around me. I was annoyed by the florescent lights that were on charge... not to mention the ladies voice that kept popping up every 20 mins reminding me to keep an eye on my bags. Geez! With all of that going on it was hard to get comfortable. Since I'm officially a military dependent I was able to enjoy the USO lounge, but once that closed it was a painful 10 hr wait until my flight boarded. I managed to kill some time watching Ghost Whisperer and How I Met Your Mother... but then I was drawing blanks. All around me folks seemed to have gotten cozy and catching zzzzz's, but not me. I was like a freaking zombie wide awake. I even killed some time by going to the bathroom and doing a twist-out on my hair! lol....

Has anyone mastered being able to sleep in an airport?
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