Feb 17, 2010

2010 Minority Male Initiative Conference

National research shows that Minority males are not attending or graduating from college at the same rate as their female or Caucasian male counterparts. The Maricopa Minority Male Initiative is designed to improve retention and degree completion rates by providing a multi-faceted approach that encourages academic achievement, promotes personal and professional development, and provides support for students to stay in college, graduate, and achieve their goals.

March 4th Maricopa Community Colleges will be hosting their 1st annual Minority Male Initiative Conference at Glendale Community College. This free event is scheduled to run from 8am - 4pm and will include breakfast and lunch. Students should also note that an excused absence will be given for any classes missed. Take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with other minority males and discuss issues that are affecting you.

Registration must be received by Feb. 18th. Click here to register.

For more information, please contact Vance Phillips at 480-731-8115

** This event isn't only for students. If you're interested in a mentorship opportunity, register for the event and click the "interested in becoming a mentor" option **
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