May 1, 2009

Return of the Uni-brow

Last night after we finished up at Carnivale we headed to Griffin Lounge for the Al B Sure album preview party hosted by Uptown Magazine, Chicago Defender newspaper and Hidden Beach Recording.

*sigh* Al B Sure ... where do I even begin! Well, first off he informed the crowd that he had lost 35lbs (he was still a little heavy), his uni-brow was in full effect (he can't get that thing threaded??) and his "thank you" speech was hilarious. I wish I could've taped it so everyone could experience it first hand (and I could submit it to YBF lol)

Al B Sure: First off, I want to thank everyone for coming out. I really appreciate the support and love from the fans and it means so much to me. Thank you George Daniels, you've supported me since I was 18 (makes me wonder how old George is because ABS isn't young) blah blah blah

Crowd: Cheers/Claps

Al B Sure: Secondly, I just want to say that it's very hard when you have family problems that you have to deal with on the internet. I don't care what anyone says, I love my kids. Please pray for my family because there are evil forces around my kids.


Cue an image of Diddy and his "No Bitch Ass Ness" t-shirt. I think it's safe to say that someone has a slight issue with their child (Quincy who looks like Al B Sure cloned himself) claiming Diddy as his "real father" and crediting him with having raised him. It was sad to see this aging star reaching out to a spotty crowd of semi-fans and pouring out his soul (or at least his contempt for Diddy) I think he needed a hug... or maybe Diddy should give him a legitimate record deal.

Between the slowly forming bald spot, uni-brow, and hater ass remarks I didn't know what to think. Add into the mix George Daniels hosting the event and having the audacity to "lean wit it, rock wit it" and C-Walk... well, I was officially done. lol...

Other things that made me laugh:

- The 6'8" glamazon that was dancing in a 1-shoulder top and liquid leggings. For a sec I thought she was Biana from Top Model. lol...

- George Daniels calling Twitter, twEEter. He was like, "I see all you TWEETERS out there". *blank stare*

- The older lady that obviously missed her calling as a groupie in the late 80s and was trying to make up for lost time last night

- The man in the jean fit (ewww) acting like a male groupie.

The highlight of the night was making use of the backdrop and having a mini photo opt with The Sassy Peach.

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