May 27, 2009

My Black is Beautiful

Saturday, May 30th the My Black is Beautiful tour will be rolling into Chicago. This free event will feature a celebrity discussion panel moderated by actress Tasha Smith (panelists include Angela Bassett, Michaela Angela Davis, Daphne Valerius and Troi Tyler), keynote speech by actress A.J. Johnson, and performances by Lalah Hathaway and Eric Roberson. There will also be various "conversation rooms" where topics such as financial management, self-esteem/inner beauty and health/wellness will be discussed. For those looking to get pampered:

~ makeovers will be provided by the Cover Girl Queen makeup studio
~ facials and skin analysis by the Olay Skin is In Studio
~ basic salon services by the Pantene HAIRmony Salon
~ color consultation by the Clairol Beautiful Collection

Other event features include:

~ healthy, beautiful smile challenge with Creast-Pro Healthy
~ style challenge by Tampax
~ spoken word in the Let it Flow Lounge by Always
~ yoga classes and health screenings in the Healthy & Wellness pavillion

Door open at 11am and the event runs until 7pm. While the event is free registration is required. Please click here to register or visit:

After the event I will be a hosting a "keep the conversation going" dinner at Leona's on Taylor St. This is a way to keep the spirit of sisterhood alive and converse about the various topics of the event. If you'd like to attend please shoot me an email.


My Black is Beautiful Tour 2009
UIC Forum - Main Hall
725 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60608

1419 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60607
*4 blocks west of Racine

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