May 1, 2009

Dining Out for Life

Last night I joined the ladies of the Red Pump Project and headed over to Carnivale to participate in Dining Out for Life. About 30 restaurants in the Chicagoland area participated in the event that was designed to raise money for AIDS organizations.

In our defense, this was the 3rd picture we were taking and the cameraman said "do something different".... therefore everyone looks like they're on something else. We were not a cohesive picture taking group. lol

The Bulls vs Celtics game had the majority of us on the edge of our seats (and in most cases standing by the bar screaming wildly at the TV). I don't understand why they have consistently gone into OT, Double OT and even Triple OT during this series. OT shouldn't be this standard... I've now come to expect them to have a seemingly never ending game. Once they went into Triple OT I chucked the deuce to the game and went to sit down and put my order in. It wasn't long before all the screams, cheers and jeers from the bar area had me feeling guilty for being a "fair weather fan" and with drink in hand, I was making my way back towards the bar. Nothing like some great basketball to torture yourself. I was thrilled when the Bulls won and finally able to take a permanent seat at the table and enjoy our meal.

Sidebar: I need to write a blog on my issues with the Bulls basketball organization as a whole. Does anyone else feel like they're watching the most random team in the history of random ass teams? It's literally like someone went into LA Fitness and grabbed the guys that were hooping, gave them some jerseys and called them "The Bulls".... and on another note, does anyone else think that Rajon Rondo looks like "Bat Boy" from the Weekly World News tabloid? Just look at the picture below and tell me they weren't separated at birth!!! I'm just saying....

Getting back to the restaurant, Carnivale had a great feel to it. The restaurant describes itself as "...Latino flavors with the spice of life... as explosive and passionate as the people themselves." I enjoyed the vibrant colors, friendly staff, and the food/drinks. One of the features I loved were the lighted wine racks, which were built into the walls many feet above the seats. Not sure if they had real bottles of wine in there but it was very nice on the eyes.

Wine Racks

Colorful ceiling and Oversized lamps
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