May 8, 2009

Thursday is the New Friday

I started the evening with after work drinks with my partner in crime, The Ladybug Files. I was initially shocked at how quickly the weather had turned cloudy and rainy but we still made our way to Flat Water. This was my first time visiting Flat Water and though I had heard many great things, I was turned off at the fact that the hostess told us the entire bar was reserved, as well as all the dinner tables and other empty seats in there.


You mean to tell me that there are 20 people TOPS in here yet you can't seat us?

I felt as if we had drifted back into the 1930s and were getting played.

We shook it off and continued our night at Crimson Lounge. Thursday they feature their $3 glasses of champagne, beer and house chardonnay and merlot. 12 glasses of champagne, 2 cheese/meat appetizer plates, and 5 hours later, we were ready to venture out into the wonderful city.

I was definitely taken aback by the large amount of bums roaming the streets. It was unnerving the number of sketchtastic people we saw sleeping on benches, on the ground, at the bus stop, in front of restaurants.

State St. bum - he was actually shaking and looked like he was about to levitate

Lake St. bum - he was getting GREAT sleep

After the clusterfuck of bums on the street, we ventured onto the red line to whisk us away to the South Loop. I'm not a fan of the train... at least not the subway. I like being above ground and not feeling like I'm trapped. I've officially deemed the Red Line a death trap.

I heard about Tantrum having a re-opening so we headed there. I never knew of this club before but it was a nice blend of part loft, part lounge. We threw back a few drinks, I attempted to learn how to step, and when the clock struck 2a it was time to head home. We walked the short distance to Jewel and stocked up on goodies and then made our way home. I ended the night eating ramen, downing ginger ale, and watching a Paul Mooney comedy special from 2007. It was a fun night.
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