Mar 20, 2013

Started From the Bottom (via @melaniefiona)

Ever see a chick with a really big ass and be like, man... I want that? Well, listening to Melanie Fiona's version of "Started From the Bottom" makes me long for a set of pipes! Her voice is the perfect blend of "I can really sing, but I'm not obnoxious." I guess I should thank Drake for creating this... and I already know folks will be wearing this saying out all Spring and Summer long.

Speaking of which - - did you start from the bottom? And honestly where is this bottom everyone speaks of? Most people I know started from the suburbs, in a good school system, and now have college degrees and decent jobs. So yeah... I guess "bottom" is relative. Anyways, that's probably entirely too deep for this song.

As for me? I started from the bottom (West Suburbs) and now my whole team here (South Loop). I kinda like the sound of that!

Start at the 0:57 mark

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