Mar 26, 2013

@WalkingDead_AMC Does is Again

MERLE!!!! Yes, the backwoods hick everyone loved to hate stole the entire freaking show on Sunday night. I cannot even begin to put into words how stellar of a performance he did.


Man, I can't believe he's gone. I think I might miss him more than Shane.

What did you think of Sunday night's episode? So much anticipation leading up to the finale next week... I'll be on the edge of my seat.

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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

This episode was AWESOME!! Merle went out like a straight G! I gained much respect for him this episode after really hating him so very much!

I felt so sorry for Darryl too, but I think Merle had to die so Darryl can be the leader he needs to be.

Darryl will also have a good memory of his otherwise scoundrel of a brother.

Merle took 8 fools out!

Lawd the scene when Darryl came up and Merle was a WALKER!! I Twitter screamed!!!! Darryl killed him with all his NOT MY DAMN BROTHER might!

RIP Merle!! RIP! *pours out for a G*

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