Mar 11, 2013

Willis Tower Skydeck Chicago

This weekend my girlfriend was in town visiting from Houston, so we made it a point to do a few touristy things. I hadn't been inside the Sears Tower Wills Tower in YEARS, and had been a bit curious about the much talked about "Ledge."

I'm not necessarily afraid of heights, but when that altitude climbs up a bit I tend to simmer all the way down lol. 1,353 feet above Chicago, my Ledge experience was not much different.

First off - - they CRAM you into the elevator. Well, first they filter you through a few lines, have you go through security, pay your $18 (adult ticket price), then CRAM you into the elevator. I kept thinking to myself, "Damn, you know another elevator will be back to get the rest of these folks." Being stuffed like sardines into an elevator about to go 103 stories up is just not a good look.

After a short ride up (about 60 seconds - - the elevator goes 18 mph #RandomFact), you arrive at the skydeck! The views up here are pretty cool and I'm sure would be even more amazing in the summertime with luscious green and lake views, or even at night with all the lights. It's still winter in Chicago so mostly everything looked like variations of grey and white. Still, it was nice.

Okay - - so the LEDGE! Ahhh... I was so incredibly nervous when I first set eyes on the ledge. Like, fear instantly set over my entire body and was like, "what in the ENTIRE hell are you doing up here? You're not about to really step out on that thing, are you?" I totally chickened out from standing on the Ledge. Like, standing on that thin piece of glass was just something that wasn't about to happen in my life force. I didn't want to be completely paralyzed by fear, so I managed to scoot my butt onto the Ledge and smile for a picture. I assure you my heart was racing the entire time.

Fear aside, I had a great time seeing the Skydeck and ledge. It's easy to pass up on the cool things our city has to offer because it may seem "touristy", but I did have a lot of fun.

Have you experienced the ledge?
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