Jun 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom from HBO's "GIRLS"

"It's like you think meeting a guy is the main point of life so we have to have like a summit every day to make a game plan" 

HBO's original series "GIRLS" has quickly become one of my favorite scripted shows on TV right now. Every episode is chocked full of memorable quotes and last night one hit close to home. The above quote made me think about a conversation I recently had with a girlfriend regarding men, relationships and how consuming it can be. Not just consuming, but all-encompassing and overwhelming.

The amount of time that I spend thinking about men and relationships is borderline disgusting. I'm actually appalled at myself for having it be such an important part of my life. Playing devil's advocate, I do believe that relationships are the core of human existence (duh) and therefore one of the most interesting things to try and understand... but my daily dissection of everything someone has done, said, didn't say, going to do, etc is to the point of exhaustion.

Sometimes I wish I could just hit a 'reset' button in my head and start from scratch. Go back to the days when I didn't care about men and got all my joy from eating ice cream, riding my bike, and being awesome. The innocence of a child is a beautiful thing and as I get older I think there's something to be learned from them. They are fearless, happy, and free of the worries and concerns that plague us in adulthood.

Yesterday I went to the "Wells Street Art Fair" with my girlfriends and enjoyed the sweltering heat, fresh kettle corn, and art. I also discovered Bud Light Lime tastes pretty good (a friend told me to not admit to liking that beer since it's so cheap... but shit, it was pretty refreshing lol) and after stopping in a sex shop and chatting up the guy behind the counter (Johnny), I discovered tranny porn was shot across the street, it would take at least a year to master tantric sex, and vampire blood incense is a real thing. What does all of this mean? It means that when you're out living life it gives you a few less moments to be consumed with relationship woes, sunshine and girlfriends are the remedy to any boredom or blues, and life is short so it's best to get to living it.

On another note, I fall deeper in love with my MAC "Ruby Woo" lipstick more and more each day. It has incredible lasting power and can handle heat, food and drinks like a champ. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon for this stuff yet please go out and buy it. It's awesome.

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