Jun 13, 2012

Dating and Social Media

Have you ever met someone new and within 24 hours you have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn friend request from them? I'll admit that I've done my fair share of social media stalking, but when it comes to dating what is the appropriate level of social media etiquette?

In the past week I've encountered friends twitter stalking the ex's of people they're dating, ex's that refuse to allow the other to follow them on social media sites, and those that casually date and get pissed at what they see the other person doing... thus it would seem like social media can cause a shit load of problems.

Personally I've gotten a lot more selective about the people I add on Facebook. I'm not into collecting friends and I barely can think of 20 people I like, let alone having 1000 friends. I feel like Facebook contains personal photos, etc and isn't something I want anyone and everyone having access to. I will easily deny a friend request. Twitter is fun for me and I use it more so for my blog. It's not a big deal to follow people and have them follow me, but for professional reasons I do keep my page locked.

As it pertains to dating, I try to not keep Twitter/Facebook tabs on someone I'm with. I mean, live your life... just don't do anything messy. I'm not sure if it's better to keep social media and personal relationships separate but recently I've seen the benefits. I guess if you know someone in real life it's not that big of a deal to not be all up in and throughout their social media life force? What say you blogging friends?
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