Jun 6, 2012

Grey Goose Cherry Noir + Drake @ V-Live Chicago

Thanks to an invite from my wonderful neighbor, my girlfriends and I were able to hit up V-Live Saturday night for the Grey Goose Cherry Noir/Drake after party. I'm all about rocking a wristband and sitting in VIP *insert sarcasm* but it was definitely nice to have bottle service and be away from the massive crowd in the club (see above picture).

As I'm approaching my 28th birthday (in 3 weeks), I've come to realize that my ear is no longer glued to the club streets. I would much rather do weekly brunches and occasional lounge nights instead of packing myself into sweaty clubs full of 23 year olds. It was no surprise I hadn't heard of V-Live, but the club didn't disappoint. This would probably be a club lover's wet dream. Multiple floors of action, great music, diverse crowd - - this club was oozing with everything super clubs in Vegas are made of. I'm on my tail end of clubbing days, but I did enjoy the people watching, Grey Goose Cherry Noir, and Drake.

I joked with my friends that I instantly got more emo once Drake walked into the room, but it was cool seeing him in person. His head is super big and he looks like wheelchair Jimmy... just your average, run of the mill black/Jewish kid... Oh, except for the fact that he runs with a huge posse, gets tons of groupie love, and has an insane amount of talent.

Speaking of which, watching the constant hoe-cessional of chicks flocking to get into his VIP section was comedic at times, but overall sad. I mean, the club dreams these chicks have... stars in their eyes... at home throwing on their tightest dress to prance around a velvet rope and catch some rapper's eye all in the hopes of getting chose for the night. What? To drink free, smoke something, maybe leave with a story to tell your friends? No thanks... I'll pass. It's fun to be out and about, but there's nothing like a having a legit career and W2. I like making my money sitting up, what can I say lol. Anyways, the club was open until like 5am or something insanely ridiculous, but we made our exit around 3. It was WAY past my bedtime and I couldn't wait to hit the sack.

On an alcohol related note, Grey Goose Cherry Noir was pretty tasty. My loyalties still lie with Rum and Tequila, but if you're a Vodka fan please give it a whirl. Find out more about the new flavor here.
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