Nov 23, 2011

My Metra Struggles are real....

I love the metra. It's a million times better than the CTA and I have never felt safer... and seriously, I've had more than a few sketchtastic moments on the Blue Line (including a few weirdos on the #3 and #4). With that said, my metra struggles are real!

Having a social life, no matter how far away I live, is a priority of mine. Not referencing club events, but after work happy hours, hair events, just opportunities to be social in the city with friends - - I'm all about that! I think I got spoiled originally living in the South Loop... then moving to Oak Park I was still able hop on the e-way with ease. Now, I'm out in the burbs and everything is a challenge.

So, the downside? After about 7pm the metra train only runs once an hour. Couple that with nearly an hour long ride? Yeah... shit gets real! The positive? I can safely pass out on the train, though I do keep my iphone out of sight and my purse in a death grip.

As my husband and I continue our apartment search I'm debating on what area to call home. River North is high on my list, the South Loop will always be number one, but I've also started thinking about Hyde Park, Lincoln Park, and Oak Park. Damn, that's a lot of "parks" lol.. Nevertheless, I'm on a mission to reduce my metra struggles and revive my social life. I'd love to live within cab distance downtown and have the option of easy access on the e-way. I can't wait to see where we end up. My metra commute is for the birds.

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JostWrite said...

I am with you. I lived in DC for four years and I swear living out in the Maryland surbs was a struggle. I wanted to live right in DC to have easy access either by the metro, cab or my feet to social events and other stuff. I feel your pain coupled with the different weird characters on the train...ick. lol
But, I am now in Minnesota and I love it here, but getting around is a b****h

I wrote a post about my Metro pet peeves...i think you will enjoy and connect with it.

PS, found your blog and love it.

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