Nov 14, 2011

How many pours does it take to get to the bottom of a delicious bottle of Moscato?

This weekend I decided to answer a question that had long plagued my brain - - how many glasses can one get from a bottle of wine! I've never polished off an entire bottle of wine in one sitting, so I was clueless about how much bang you really got for your buck.

By no means am I a wine expert. For most of my life I actually loathed wine and only drank red during catholic church lol. Last year I discovered Riesling, and earlier this year Moscato made its way into my heart. I found this bottle of Barefoot for under $6 at Target on Saturday night, and since my only goal was to stay in all weekend it was the perfect time to do my "research."

I decided to watch "American Horror" while I worked my way through the bottle, and I'm not sure that was a good thing. Wow... that is one crazy show. The wine definitely didn't help me understand the dizzying plot, but I digress.... after all was said and done I was able to get 5 very heavy-handed pours out of this bottle. That's about $1/glass average and absolutely amazeballs by my standards. I feel like wine is the way to go.

What's your wine of choice? Better yet, has anyone been watching "American Horror Story?" If so, please explain to me the plot... I'm so freaking lost and that bottle of wine did nothing to help me lol.


bluej said...

That's my kind of Saturday night! I'm all about Barefoot Pinot Grigio. Yum!

I love American Horror Story. I have it on my DVR record list. Basically it's about a married couple with a teenager daughter who moved to a new state (can't remember where...) from Boston to start fresh. The husband is a psychologist and had an affair with one of his clients (a younger girl).

The house they bought has is basically haunted. Years ago a doctor lived there who was pretty psycho and would perform abortions and weird surgeries on people. He ended up killing his infant child as well.

So now all of these spirits ...ghosts...people who have not transitioned to the other side are walking around interacting with the family...but the family doesn't really know that most of the people they're interacting with are dead (the daughters boyfriend, the maid, the neighbors, etc.)

the wife is pregnant, but we're not sure whose baby it is...she thought she was having sex with her husband, but there was some twisted love scene where she was having sex with someone all dressed in black who may have been a spirit / ghost / whatever...and the baby is goodness only know what...

and the girl the husband had an affair with was pregnant, he went back to Boston recently to have her get an abortion...well one of the men that use to live in the house ended up killing her, the husband ended up burying her body..but now her spirit is out there running lose and causing havoc too.

LOL. it's a twisted show, that's hard to explain and I've probably left out tons of details and left you more confused than you were after watching it with the wine... but it keeps me watching.

MsNette said...

Yum I LOVE Barefoot Moscato! Have you tried the Sutter Homes brand? That one is muy delicioso too...OK is it just me or is Moscato pretty damn strong?? Even just one glass has me feelin' good and I'm hardly a lightweight! I can't imagine how I'd be after 5!!

Anyhoo...this was my first comment, I'm a new subbie and I already <3 reading your blogs...I'm looking forward to some new Youtube videos in the future?! Hope you have an AMAZING week! :)


South Loop Social Light said...

@ BlueJ - Okay, So I was wondering why they kept interacting with the dead like they were alive... and the maid situation - - very freaky! lol... I'm hoping to catch up on the episodes I've missed. I've seen everything from them showing the history of the house (neighbor/maid) thru the halloween episodes.

@ MsNette - Thanks for joining me on my blogging adventure lol... I think I saw the Sutter Home Moscato at Target, but I just got the Barefoot since it was the mid-range one. It was delicious. Thanks for commenting! It's always nice to interact with readers. I have a few YouTube videos in the works, but I've been so swampped with work and school they keep getting placed on the backburner.

TheChicagoRose said...

Barefoot Moscato is one of my faves! I sat in a park and read while drinking it straight out of the bottle (covered in a brown paper bag lol) on several occasions this summer. I like Sutter Home PInot Grigio too, even though its a much more bitter taste. But you should try Sweet Red. It's absolutely delicious!

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