Nov 7, 2011

#EDENTressTalk Event Recap

Saturday night I headed to the "Treasure our Tresses" event hosted by EDEN Body Works in the South Loop. It felt great to be back in my old stomping ground... though I don't consider anything South of Cermak the real South Loop lol... but I digress.

Before the event I debated what to do with my hair. In hindsight I should have probably rocked a twist out, but I really wanted to have straight hair (after dealing with a shrunken fro the night before), so I worked a little magic with my curlformers and voila! My hair was super cute and ready to go. Of course it wouldn't be my life if my hair didn't sweat out halfway through the event lol... but I did manage to snap a hot before pic lol... (see left). 

Sexyandthechi, Meghan, YngSuburbanMom, and Me
I must always capture the way I start a night off because I sweat SO much and am sure to ruin a style. The plus of all this? I was in a room surrounded by women with natural hair so EVERYONE could relate!!! I still explained my glisten (i.e. sweaty situation that had me feeling like a cross between a grease ball and an oil slick lol), but as my hair got bigger and bigger, I didn't feel too embarrased.

I got to the event a little before 730p, meeting up with 2 of my co-workers (Meghan & fellow blogger Young Suburban Mom) as well as one of my bff's Sexyandthechi! For some reason my arms have been bugging me out in pics lately. No clue what to do with them lol...  please excuse my awkward, dead stiff arm pose lol...

Although The Mane Source and Natural Chica were hosting, the room was full of recognizable faces from the web. Bloggers and Vloggers like Afrobella, sisters MeechyMonroe and MsVaughnTV, and In Her Shoes were in attendance - - but I nearly lost my mind when I saw my hair inspiration Michi Chassagne!!!!

Michi and I
 A few weeks ago I posted a photo of Michi and her fabulous hair as my "hair inspiration" du jour. When I saw her in person I had a bit of a fan moment because it was cool to see someone I liked virtually in person. The icing on the cake? Her personality is out of this world! She's so friendly and personable. I was a sweat box by the time we took our pic, so please excuse my glisten! lol... damn, it was hot in there.

I'm big on first impressions and believe that a person's energy either works with mine or it doesn't... she was a home run! Both of her girlfriends at the event with her were darling as well. So awesome to meet folks and have them be fab in person.

The best part of the event? Getting a "bloggers bag" containing the entire line of products!!! Score. I used the oil as soon as I got home and I must say I'm already loving it. It's giving Carol's Daughter "Lisa's Hair Elixir" a run for its money. That oil is amazeballs.

After the event we headed to Devon Seafood Grill for their happy hour, only to find out they don't do it Saturday night lol. Still, we ordered food, drinks, and gabbed about everything ladies do! It was a nice night...

Did you attend the #EDENTressTalk event? Have you tried EDEN Body Works products before?

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