Sep 1, 2011

Have you been watching HawthoRNe?

I've seen a few people tweet about Jada Pinkett-Smith's show "HawthoRNe," but I had never seen it myself... Well, that is until I stumbled across this little gem NecoleBitchie posted!


I'm all about perfecting your craft, but it's safe to say Jada and Marc are pros! Seriously... I get that it's just acting, really good acting, but I would never want my husband to be in a scene like this. Not that people don't occasionally bring their personal problems to work, but imagine Jada and Marc using this scene to get out their frustrations re: their failing marriages (allegedly for Will/Jada).

The scene was HOT and the perfect example of a short person, soft-core TV sex scene. Yes, they kept their clothes on, but around the 2:04 mark I think things got real. Around 2:44 I was looking around for a cold shower... and by the end of the video I was lighting up a cigarette - - and I don't even smoke!

They were really going at it and, wow... didn't know little old Marc Anthony had all of that in him! The scene was very believeable... very "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" - - Jada and Marc were actually giving me a tinge of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt flashbacks... We all know how that one ended.

So, what do you think about the scene? An example of actors doing a great job or did it cross the line of being a little too real?

Sidebar: Does anyone watch HawthoRNe? Aside from the sex scenes which are obviously awesome, is the show worth watching?


Aramide said...

Chiiiiile I thought the same thing about this scene when I watched it on TV. My mouth dropped, I got all hot & steamy, it was hot/sexy. I totally felt like I was watching soft porn & felt like such a voyeur!! lol. I guess it was just good acting--but who really knows.

And I watched the show this current season that just went off but I haven't watched the previous seasons yet. It's really really good though and I recommend it!

South Loop Social Light said...

I watched this for the first time at work and had it on mute, so all I was able to comprehend was that they were getting super freaky lol. I finally rewatched it with the volume up, heard she was married on the show, and thought I should put a condom on my laptop lol... seriously!!! I may have to start tuning in to this show.

likeitsgolden said...

Well damn. I dont watch it. I thought about watching it since people rave about it and i like Jada but i honestly don't need to add anymore shows to my DVR lol.

Bajan Beauty said...

This scene is something I would expect to see on HBO not TNT. I didn't care for it. Call me super traditional but I think as an actor there are some things that you can say no to and this is one of them. Work or not she is married woman in real life. They could have still gotten the point across of the sexual tension without being so sexual, jeez. And now I am hearing the show is canceled, smh. Why?! Okay I am rambling but I really felt some type of way about this, lol.

Anonymous said...

Chile! I've been looking for this. I saw it the first time, and...well anyway. Don't ask me why "Feenin'" just came on Pandora just as I found this post. #pressplay

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