Sep 7, 2011

Adventures on the CTA

I know it sounds outlandish that I would ever miss the CTA, but for some reason I did... that was until I rode the brown line and Halsted bus this weekend. Boy oh boy, the metra has spoiled me!

Seriously, riding the metra is like sitting in the lap of luxury for my commute each day. Of course the perks of the CTA are the frequency in which they run, the distance they span, and just their overall convenience. However, riding the brown line felt like being on a slightly ratchet roller coaster. I was kinda grossed out and didn't want to hold onto anything, but after a few  jerks I realized that my quads wouldn't keep me from face planting, so I had to hang on for dear life.

Once a seat finally opened up we were able to sit down... but I realized that I've been glamorizing the train. It's really lackluster and although it provides constant forms of comedy, I do prefer taking the metra... I just hate living so far out that I MUST take the metra.

In addition to experiencing the brown line, I also got to see the #8 Halsted St. bus. The views riding through Lincoln Park made me all warm and fuzzy inside (definitely want to live there now...), but my visions of calling a greystone bldg home were cut short when my girlfriend pointed out the ratchetness sitting in front of us ------>

Poor thing looked like she had just crawled out from some ghetto swamp. She was a mess...  It looked like she a Wu-Tang "W" lining in the back and ratted up hair thrown in a clip :/ Me no likey...

Anyways, after my Sunday Funday I rode the metra home... a very long ride, BUT I was able to nod off without fears of getting jacked!

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