Sep 14, 2011

My Weekend / Adventures on the Metra

Friday night I was in bed by 815p which was hilarious because I officially felt like an old woman, but the sleep was SO good. Like, it totally hit the spot and was just what I needed. Saturday was another low key day that saw me lounging around the house with my in-laws and taking 3 of the 5 family pets to the vet. About that - - can I just say that I noticed a HUGE difference between lugging 2 cats to the vet versus taking 3. Lucky for me my brother-in-law was able to come with me because I needed the extra hands. While we were in the waiting room (nearly a 2 hr wait... crazy!), I was my usual motor mouth self and talked to everyone that was there. I always enjoy the random conversations you can have with strangers. I actually liked one of the girls a lot and thought "hmmm... we could be friends" lol.

Sigapura Kitten
Sidebar: She had a $1700 cat! Wanna know what that looks like? It's a Singapura --->

Insanely cute, big eyes, and super small... but $1700!! She said it as the only breed her husband wanted. I laughed. My husband would take a $1700 TV over a pet, but whatever keeps your spouse happy.

Although I've been determined to get out of the house on weekends and maintain some sort of social life (despite feeling like I have no free time during the week and would love to sleep in)... I realize life is short, and if you wait for your schedule to magically clear up it probably won't. I've been trying to make time for friends, even if it's just 1 day out of 7... so Sunday I got together with my favorite ladies @sexyandthechi @ladylalacpa @kcalana1 & @jayamed) and did some retail therapy downtown. I hadn't stepped foot inside an Urban Outfitters in over a year, so it was awesome to check the State St. location out. I was insanely jealous of the super cute tribal dress @ladylalacpa scored, but managed to find a few things I loved. Urban Outfitters is truly one of my favorite stores. Oh yeah, I also tried on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes at Akira on Sate and let me just say, I totally get what all of the hype is about!! I loved them. They were a saucy pair of red platform wedges.

We topped off our afternoon of shopping with another appearance at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba!! It's official - - I can't get enough of this spot. The service this time 'round was just okay... but the food hit the spot once again. I have narrowed down the vast list of tapas to my favorites: Mushroom & Rice Croqueta, Fried Green Peppers & Coarse Salt (warn you that this doesn't come out "fried" but grilled... they're awesome), Roast Dates with Bacon & Apple Vinaigrette (these are bacon wrapped), and the Seared Scallops with Spinach, Raisins, & Pine Nuts Vieiras Salteadas. Yes... that's my list of must-haves. All yummy... All delicious. Once again we took advantage of their free Pintxos Platter for checking in via Four Square for the first time, but they also have another great deal. Monday - Sunday (4p - 6p) and Friday/Saturday (10p - Midnight) - - Take advantage of their special on Pintxos ($1) and Tapas ($3) at the bar!!  They also offer a Tapas style brunch Saturday and Sundays from 11a - 3p.

My metra life has been rather ho-hum as of late. The train is extremely reliable, the ride is always smooth and there's not a whole lot of ratchetness to report. The most interesting thing I saw this past weekend was a guy that partied a little too hard and passed out on the train. Of course this would be a common occurrence on the CTA (and it would probably be a bum), but for the Metra? This was a BIG deal lol --->

Otherwise, I'm a happy camper (or commuter) on the metra. I still find it crazy that I had so much anxiety about riding this lol... very funny.

How was your weekend?

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