Jun 4, 2009

Follow-Up : My Black is Beautiful Tour

I previously blogged about and was looking forward to attending the 2009 My Black is Beautiful Tour sponsored by Proctor & Gamble. I registered for the event and when Saturday morning came I was excited to see what all they had in store for us attendees. Forever the prompt and on time friend, Jenna beat the rest of there and acted as our "eyes and ears", divulging precious information. So, some people have been wondering how things went and I want to be blunt about it:

1. The lines were insanely long. I'm talking about lines being wrapped AROUND the block... only to reveal another freaking line!! Flats were a must as people braved standing in lines for over 2 hrs to get to the front (to make matters worse it was raining off and on).

2. After waiting in lines for that long, at the door some people were told that if they hadn't registered for the event they would not be allowed entry. *crickets* The event website closed the registration after a certain point but informed people that they could still attend the event.

3. Despite having the event be advertised from 11a - 7p, by 1230p things were still not set up nor were the speakers even there yet. On top of that, the venue was small and could not comfortably hold the amount of people that showed up.

I know that people like free anything... but I think that they should have charged for this event. Even if it was only $10, that fee alone would have reduced the crowd. On the flip side I do agree with what the people at Proctor & Gamble were hoping to achieve... but if they are going to make an event of this magnitude free to the public, to reduce the chances of having a cluster fuck / free for all, they need to open registration to a certain amount and once that number is reached close it off.

The overall attitude and vibe I received from the event that it was a slight hood operation and waste of time.

**I was actually contacted by someone from the PR company handling the event and gave my suggestions. I'm hoping that they step things up for next year.**
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