Jun 3, 2009

Extreme V-Necks

The growing trend of extreme male v-neck shirts is one that is killing me softly. I feel like overnight guys went from crew cuts to plunging necklines, often showcasing their not so stellar physique, sometimes nappy chest hair, or ken doll pecs.

Now, there are people like Tyson Beckford that get a pass, I mean - the man is gorgeous and I personally don't mind almost seeing his belly button with that ridiculously low v-neck shirt... but for others (*cough* Evan Ross *cough*) please save my eyesight and raise your neckline up a bit. Really though, where did this trend come from and why are guys so quick to jump on board? Do you feel sexy with your nipples almost exposed? Do you like showcasing your chest for the world to see?

I must say that I haven't seen too many brothers in Chicago rocking this style and thank God for that. It has an unusually high "suspect" level that will get associated with you if you dare to dip your collar that low.

The white guys I've seen rocking them as of late have a certain "douche bag" essence about their persona... Like, their v-necks are hanging low and they're the shit (times 2) and you can't tell them anything! lol... I was tempted to take a pic of this group of guys I saw yesterday but they looked like a bunch of "MTV True Life - I have a Jersey Shore house" rejects so I kept it moving.

All jokes aside, regardless of your race - - if you're a man please say no to this "trend". Let's leave the plunging necklines to us ladies because we've been rocking cleavage since the beginning of time and know what we're doing.
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