Jun 2, 2009

Adventures on the CTA - Love is blind?

I'll admit that there have been instances where I've seen someone on the bus and deemed them worthy of a "CTA bus relationship" lol. You know, you ride the same bus everyday, share a smile, maybe even a hello... but it usually stops there. This is the latest addition to my CTA bus relationship file.. or as I like to call it, my BBF (bus boyfriend)...

Last weekend as I was riding the #147 to Water Tower with Caramel Kisses I was blown away by this amazingly attractive guy that wheeled his way onto the bus, literally. From the waist up this guy was the business. I mean, the bulging veins in his arms were making my mind race... his arms/shoulders were a nice size...even his neck game was on point.. and his face? Very easy on the eyes. This guy was definitely "jaw drop" worthy. It was hard to miss the wheel chair dude was rolling around in but I almost looked past it until my eyes made their way down to his calves... which were the size of my arms. *sad face* (Atrophy is an mf'er) This got me to thinking, could you be in a relationship with someone that was handicapped/paralyzed? I'm not talking about having something happen to the person you're already involved with and being faced with the decision to stay by their side... but instead meeting someone and falling for them despite their disability. I have to admit, I don't think I could do it. I want someone to be capable of chasing me around the house... and not just zooming around a ranch style home... but like skipping steps in a townhouse. Maybe if we met online and had a connection it'd be possible... but, ehh... well, I don't know if I'm being shallow or just realistic. I think it all boils down to the lifestyle you lead and how active you are.

So, my question is have you ever dated someone that was paralyzed/handicapped? And if so, what was your experience. If not, could you ever see yourself doing it?

** Please ignore the orange outfit. He was doing a bit too much. lol..**
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