Feb 7, 2017

Badwill Market:
Valentine's Day Edition 2/12

If you love supporting local businesses and buying dope shit, Badwill Market is the pop-up for you. Held monthly at The Rhino Room in Cap Hill (11th and Pine), Badwill Market is one of my favorite monthly events in Seattle and something I've regularly attended since living here.

The market was created to "provide Seattle shoppers with a unique platform to connect with local boutiques, vintage vendors, independent designers, up and coming brands and DIY artists."

This weekend's theme is "Valentine's Day" and will feature vendors slangin' apparel, vintage goods, jewelry and plants. I've copped some of my favorite chokers, plants and art from Badwill and have my eye on a few of the vendors who will be there on Sunday.

This event is 21+ and runs from noon to 5p. I recommend getting there on the earlier side so you have first pick at all of the stuff.

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