Feb 6, 2017

"Brown Girls"
Seattle Viewing Party 2/15

While it's a shitty time in our country, it's a great time for people of color in television and film. Brown Girls is the latest addition, showcasing the friendship between two women of color in Chicago (my hometown). I'm all about #BlackGirlMagic and women of color having our stories shared on a large platform, adding depth and balance to what can sometimes feel like an over-saturated market of bullshit reality TV.

"The near two-minute trailer introduces some of the shows leading characters, Leila, a South Asian-American writer who is seemingly trying to navigate her own sexual orientation; and her close friend Patricia, a black musician who is struggling financially, creatively, and romantically. In just a short period of time, the clip, which is guided by the sounds of Chicago native Jamila Woods, illustrates a fusion of both of the women’s backgrounds, while addressing themes of love and relationships, family and sexual orientation.

Unlike other series, Brown Girls is led by a crew of 95 percent women, people of color and/or women, according to director Sam Bailey. “When I was putting the crew together, I really focused on making sure that the people behind the camera represented the story they were telling in front of the camera,” Bailey said of handpicking the BG team. “We got on set every day and the energy was just different. You could feel it. Everyone was so invested. It was personal for them and I think that comes through in the final product.” - Vibe Magazine

The Seattle viewing party will take place on Wednesday, February 15th @ Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar in Cap Hill (11th Ave. between Pike and Pine). The event is free, but starts PROMPTLY at 6p, so make sure you head over early to snag a good seat.

Click here for more information.

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